ESP32 based project for multi-purpose buttons and colors using NeoTrellis

I needed a multi-purpose control panel of buttons to turn on/off lights in the house. I also thought it would be nice if it had lights to provide feedback on what is currently on. That idea evolved to using this cool gizmo as a portable remote that interfaces with my home server via MQTT through Wifi. Built-in animations are implemented to allow LEDs under buttons to blink, pulse or change colors. At this point, it is generic enough to be used as a frontend for controlling anything while providing 64 RGBs as a feedback display.

Check you the page in Github with all info and code needed for this fun do-it-yourself.

I had the chance to show it to the Adafruit folks in the Show-and-Tell of 26/Feb/20. Always a pleasure meeting them and seeing what all the makers who attend this show are building.

Show-and-Tell Adafruit

In that recording, I did not make the font on my screen big enough. So I did a take 2 on that demo and posted that here:

Trellis Wifi Demo

Go makers go! :)